Common Habits of Effective Freelancers

Common Habits of Effective Freelancers

What are the common habits of effective freelancers?

Freelancing is a job and a business at the same time. A freelancer works for himself and at the same time, gets work for himself. Some freelancers are earning really well, thanks to some important habits that are necessary to be adopted to do well in the freelance industry. There are many common habits of effective freelancers but the following are some key common habits of effective freelancers:

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

A freelancer needs to present him or herself as a person who really knows what the client is looking for. Simply telling that “I am the best”, and “I can do it” is not going to bear fruit. Let your client know in detail what your approach is and how you are different from others.

Prepare a Pricing Strategy

Having a pricing strategy is always helpful. Having a pricing strategy does not generally work well for the new entering freelancers, but established freelancers should prepare a pricing strategy.

Evaluate the Project You are Going to Work On

Do evaluate the benefits the incoming project is going to offer you besides money because learning is also important. If the new project has something to learn new, it is also a reward and it will pay you later.

Write a Mission Statement and Set Goals

Mission statement not only helps others know about your goals, but it also makes you stay abreast with your goals. Carefully prepare a mission statement, stick to it, and then try your best to achieve all of your goals.

Pay Yourself a Salary

Do set aside your salary out of the total profits. It will not only encourage you but it will also make you work hard to increase your salary thereby increasing the total profit. Do set aside some money for the future because sometimes freelancers do not get work.

Create a Virtual Water Cooler

When you work individually, you often face dilemmas and need to consult with someone who knows a subject better than you. So always keep in touch with some experts that can help you when you get stuck in some matter.

Don’t Try to Do it All

Often, freelancers have to wear more than one hat. Sometimes, it is good to do it all; sometimes, it is not good to start what you cannot finish. A freelancer should try to be master of his own trade rather than being a jack of all trades.


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