Contemporary Referencing Styles

Introduction to Referencing Styles

There is plenty of referencing style used in the world today. Some referencing styles are famous and are used around the world in academic writing. On the other hand, some referencing styles are not popular and are used in a particular area in the world. Although, there are different sub-categories of each referencing style, based on the nature of the work cited. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the famous contemporary referencing styles.

Contemporary Referencing Styles

For example, if we want to cite a source in APA referencing style, there is a difference in citing a book, a journal article, etc. APA (American Psychological Association), Harvard, and MLA (Modern Language Association) are the most widely used contemporary referencing styles around the world. In different referencing styles, there is some basic information that is included in all kinds of contemporary referencing styles.

Importance of Referencing Styles

Referencing styles are of utmost importance in academic writing. Every person who deals with academic writing should learn contemporary referencing styles. The people involved in writing should always cite the source they used in their writing. It is highly unethical not to cite the source used for writing fact or a figure. If you use some source in your writing and do not cite that source in your writing, it will be treated as an act of plagiarism, which is like a crime in academic writing.

Some Famous Referencing Styles

Following are the basic structures of in-text and references list citations in different referencing styles:


In-Text: (Author’s Last Name, Year of Publishing)

References List: Last Name of Author, First Name of Author, (Year of publication), Title of the book, Publisher Name, Place where published.


In-Text: (Last name of author Year of Publication)

References List: Last Name of the Author, First Name of the Author Year of publication, Title of the book, Publisher Name, Place where published, Page number.


In-Text: (Author’s Last Name, Page number)

Works Cited List: Last name of the Author, First name of the Author. The title of the Book. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication. The medium of the publication.


In-Text: Second Name of the Author, Title of Publication, Page Number,

Works Cited List: Complete Name of Author, Title of the Publication, (Name of Publisher, Year of Publication), Page Number


There are some other referencing styles that are also used widely in the world. For example Turabian, Ontario, Oxford, etc. I will write about these and other referencing styles soon! If you need more information about referencing styles, please visit one of the most reliable sources to learn referencing styles: Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab. Moreover, if you have any suggestion, please feel free to let me know about it. I would love to hear from you! Keep checking my blog for useful articles!

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  1. good one Imran…but there also are a few others like Chicago/Turabian, Oxford, Vancouver and OSCOLA.

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