How to Increase Freelance Income

Simple Tips to Increase your Earnings

How to increase freelance income? It is a much-debated question these days. I am going to answer this important question in this blog post. Over the period of last 10 years, the freelancing industry has got so much competitive. With the advent of masses in this industry, competition is reaching all time high rate. Like any other industry, this industry also contains ‘surplus talent’, which is adding fuel to the fire. Mean to say, the work of existing freelancers gets negatively affected by the new entrant freelancers.

On the other hand, freelance work opportunities are also increasing constantly, thanks to the lowering profits, and increasing expenses of businesses around the world. Freelancers now need to be highly skilled, in order to make a difference in the freelance market.

Based on my years of experience in the freelancing industry, I would like to suggest some important points to freelancers to increase their freelance income. Following are some useful points, using which freelancers can have an edge over fellow freelancers and will be able to increase their freelance income:

Increase Your Skills

In order to keep your skills up to date, keep learning new updates in your area of work. Try to learn new skills to increase your work options, and to keep getting enough work to keep yourself busy all the time. If you are not able to afford regular courses at an institution, consider taking free online courses. For example, go to websites like,,,, etc., and take thousands of free courses.

Improve Your Customer Rating

The customer rating is of utmost importance. Most of the clients assign work to those freelancers who have good work history. Low customer rating casts doubts (a negative impact) on potential clients. Some famous freelancing websites send warnings to the freelancers who have low customer rating, and if those freelancers with low customer rating do not improve their rating up to a certain level, these freelancing websites stop low rating freelancers from working on their platform.

Never Compromise on Quality

The customer is the boss, and the customer is always right! These golden principles are also applicable to the freelance work market. Regardless of the agreed payment (you will receive from your client), try your level best not to compromise on quality. Try hard to earn the full rating from your customer, because it will help you get more work. Failing which, you will lose future work opportunities due to low rating.

Never Lose a Client

It happens a lot in the freelancing industry that freelancers often start getting more than enough work that they are not able to finish alone. In order to cope with such kinds of situations, keep in touch with other freelancers like you, who can complete a task on your behalf. It is important to outsource work to only responsible and skilled freelancers to avoid unpleasant happenings.

Sometimes outsourcing is a good option to retain a client, to keep getting work, and to increase your span of work. Risks are also associated with outsourcing. For example, if you outsource work to a person, and he or she fails to deliver, your will suffer the most.

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