Starting Freelancing as a Lawyer

What do you need to start freelancing as a lawyer?

Starting freelancing as a lawyer is not difficult! Believe me!

The wave of unemployment is also plaguing laws and humanities industry. Once considered as a highly professional field of work, laws and humanities industry is facing numerous challenges on the employment front. In the past, only a few lawyers have been working as a freelancer by obtaining projects through freelancing websites. A large number lawyers have started freelancing in the recent years.

Freelance Income Survey 2015 conducted by Payoneer came up with amazing results about lawyers who are working as a freelancer. One of the most exciting outcomes of this survey for lawyers is the fact that lawyers are earning the highest per hour rate in the whole freelance industry. On the average, a freelance lawyer earns more than $31 per hour. On the other hand, it is also true that lawyers have more qualification than most of the freelancers.

Freelance lawyers are helping clients with different projects. As per Freelance Income Survey 2015 conducted by Payoneer, freelance lawyers providing 3 types of legal services, named, consulting services, contracts related services, other legal services. Some lawyers work as a freelancer under the name of a law firm, which can be referred as a freelance law firm.

Freelance lawyers are providing legal services related to all branches of law. Despite earning the highest per hour rate, people who are working as a freelance lawyer are also facing problems on different fronts. There is a hanging sword of getting deceived at the end. Most of the clients pay at the completion of the job. Some clients refuse to pay for getting the job done. These bitter realities are posing serious risks for freelancers around the world.

A large number of women is working as a freelance lawyer because besides practicing as a lawyer, they also have to take care of their families. Freelancing provides them the flexibility to work at their own pace. Some freelance lawyers work in courts in the days and work as a freelancer in evenings and nights, or on weekends.

So there are lots of jobs for lawyers on the freelancing websites. Lawyers should consider working as a freelancer too to earn money and experience. Clients should also consider working with freelancers because often it is cost effective to hire a remote freelance lawyer.

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