Starting Freelancing as a Software Engineer

What do you need for starting freelancing as a software engineer?

Software engineering is comparatively difficult than other programming jobs. Websites development is relatively easy than that of software development. That is why there is a plethora of freelancers in website development field. Java, C++, and Visual Basic (VB) are the most used programming languages around the world.

C++ and Visual Basic languages were developed by Microsoft, whereas, Java language was developed by Sun Microsystems. These languages are Object-Oriented Programming languages. Object-Oriented Programming model makes it easy for programmers to make computer programs. In Object-Oriented Programming, programs are designed by making them out of objects that interact with one another.

Among these three programming languages, Visual Basic is easy to learn and program in. it is due to the reason that programmer can design web pages without writing code. The Graphical User Interface makes it easy for a programmer to design web pages by dragging and dropping different components to web pages.

C++ and Java are also important programming languages. There are plenty of promising features of C++ and Java languages that are nonexistent in other programming languages. These languages can be used to make any kind of software. Windows operating system was developed using C++. On the other hand, Java is used in Android application development.

There are plenty of other programming languages that are also widely used to develop software. If you want to start freelancing, you should start working in C++ or Java. There are lots of freelance jobs for programmers who know C++ and/or Java languages. Hourly software development rates for freelancers are high.

According to Freelance Income Survey 2015 of Payoneer, on the average, a software engineer or a software developer earns $26 per hour. This is just an average, the expert software engineers are earning way more than this.

So software engineering is a good field to work in and there are plenty of jobs in the job market and also in the freelance market. You can start software development by learning basics of any of programming language. Visual Basic is a little easy to learn.

Visual Basic is a little easy to learn. You can start applying for software development jobs by registering on the freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, Elance, PeoplePerHour, etc.

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