Time Deadlines in Freelancing

Dealing with time deadlines is not an easy task in freelancing. Freelancers often face problems when they do not get work, but they also face a lot of trouble when they are flooded with plenty of work. This happens when a freelancer starts getting many big projects that are too big to complete side by side. In this situation, a freelancer should not refuse work and he should retain his or her client.

The time a freelancer starts getting more than enough work is time to make collaboration with other fellow freelancers. Your fellow freelancer may not have any work when you have loads of work. Therefore, you should immediately contact your fellow freelancer and ask him or her to work on your project. You should fix a rate with your fellow freelancer before he or she starts work on your project.

Settling rate prior to starting work is important to build a long-lasting work relationship. It should be a win-win situation and you should not act like a boss. The situation can become reverse in the future when you may not have any work and that fellow freelancer may have lots of work. In this situation, that freelancer will definitely ask you to work on his or her project. Therefore, in order to deal with such kinds of situations easily, every freelancer should have a mutual understanding with other freelancers providing similar services.

It is important to take a timely decision when you have more than enough work. If you will take your chances and try to complete all works yourself, you may compromise on quality, and you may not be able to complete all projects in time. This is a good way to keep working consistently. Alternatively, you can hire an assistant if you constantly receive more work than your capacity. Hiring an assistant may cost you less than that of getting it done from a freelancer like you.

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