Total Number of Freelancers in the World

What is the total number of freelancers in the world?

Freelancing is not new to this world, but the advent of the internet revolutionized this ever growing industry. The difference is that people can now find work by sitting in their houses. Every day a large number of people are joining the freelancing industry. No one knows the real number of freelancers in the world, but estimates suggest amazing facts about this huge industry.

As a matter of fact, around the world, increasing number of people are opting to work as a freelancer in the recent years owing to high unemployment rate. I have recently done a little research on this topic. One in four freelancers belongs to the United States. Same holds true for India. It means half of the total number of freelancers live in the US or India.

Major Contributors to the Industry

Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are some other majority countries. Upwork has 10 million plus registered freelancers, 3 million jobs are posted annually and it has 4 million plus clients who post jobs. Famous freelancing website Freelancer says “We connect over 18,479,402 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions, and territories. 8,531,758, total jobs posted.”

Another top freelancing website Guru writes on its website that they have “1.5 Million members worldwide, 1 Million jobs completed, $200 Million paid to gurus.” Fiverr is also the most favorite freelancing platform in the world as per Alexa traffic rank and has millions of gigs from around the world.

How Many Freelancers are there in the World?

As per estimates of a study conducted by Intuit in 2010, about 40% of the US workforce will become freelancer by 2020. I cannot say for sure that how many freelancers are there in the world, but as per my estimates, there are about 100 million freelancers in the world. Some searches suggest a more or less figure than 100 million. And millions more are on the verge of joining it.

Today the freelancing industry has become a huge industry which still remains unregulated in the most part of the world. Governments around the world should understand the gravity of the situation and should start regulating this industry to reduce the scams to protect freelancers.

Some researchers suggest that the freelancing industry has already crossed $1 trillion mark, whereas some studies report that the freelance industry will soon touch the $1 trillion figure which means it is soon going to be one of the biggest industries in the world. Thanks for reading this post!

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