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It has been observed over the past few months that the students of this class are not taking the course seriously. Some students of the class are taking all rules and regulations for granted and not abiding by the code of conduct of students laid down in the rules and regulations of NYC School of Excellence. It has also been observed that due to the bad behavior of some students, an increasing number of students are now showing the lack of care in dealing with class and classroom activities. There is a need to identify the reasons behind these problems. Moreover, there is a need to solve these problems at the earliest to improve grades in the next exams. This admission letter aims at providing detailed information about the problems pursuing in the class at the moment.

As a class teacher, I am experiencing a lot of problems related to students. These problems are increasing day by day and now it is the time that we realized that these problems must be solved to move in the right direction. During the beginning of the year, I determined that more than half of the students of the class are below grade level and a quarter of the class is absent at least once a week. This pattern of low grades and absence from class is increasing with the passage of time. Many students are now submitting assignments in a timely fashion. This pattern of more absence and low grades will increase if we will not cure these problems.

The situation is getting worse with the passage of time. If this pattern continues, only a few students in the class will be able to pass by the end of the year. Moreover, most of the students of the class are likely to obtain low grades due to lack of attention to the class. All these problems have very bad consequences for the school and the teacher. If these problems continue to happen, the reputation of the school will be damaged and malign very badly. There is a need to involve all stakeholders in this case. Students, parents and teachers are the stakeholders in this case and we need to involve all of them to solve the problems facing the class.

Before we start to cure these problems, there is a need to identify the reasons behind these increasing problems of low grades in exams and increased absences from class. We can use several ways to determine the problems that give rise to different problems in the class. To identify the opinion of students about the current problems of the class, we can conduct a questionnaire based survey. The survey will include the questions related to the performance of students and teacher. This survey will provide a basic information base to analyzes the real problems of the class. A detailed analysis of the data from the questionnaire will unearth the real problems of the class and then we will be able to remove all issues.

On the other hand, there is a need to identify prospective problems in my own working style or behavior that are giving rise to the different problems in the class. This matter is not just a matter of courtesy but it is true that we all have different administrative or behavioral issues that gave birth to different problems. It is possible that due to my friendliness towards students, students are becoming relaxed and negligent towards class activities and are taking my friendliness as my weakness.

Dunn (269) has conducted a research on the academic performance and absence from class. The author is of the view that academic performance and absence from class are inversely proportional to each other. That is to say that if a student often keeps absent from the class, he or she is less likely to perform well in terms of exam grades. Absence from class without any genuine reason means the student is not paying due attention to his or her studies. This study is very important for our case because absence and low grades are the major problems of our class.

The author further goes on to say that academic grades are widely accepted modes of assessing the academic abilities of a student. So if a student earns lower grades, we translate it into less academic abilities. If a student remains absent a day from class and he or she tries to cover the lesson the teacher has taught that day, he or she cannot learn all the point as it is taught by the teacher in the class. This is due to the reason that in a class environment a student learns more than that of learning as an individual.

Green (999) wrote that lack of attention of the teacher towards all students has negative consequences for the discipline of the class. If a teacher pays more attention to some select students and does not pay attention to the others, this action has a reaction. This action de-motivates the students who need the attention of the teacher. At the start, this problem can be solved easily by paying equal attention to all but after the passage of time, it becomes difficult to solve this deprivation. The author suggests that all activities of the class must be based on merit. It is the responsibility of the teacher to perform each and every task in a transparent, ethical and fair way.

As a teacher, I am responsible for the results and performance of the class. So there is no denying the fact that the current performance of the class is very bad and we have to take hard decisions to cope with all problems facing our class. On the other hand, we also need to introduce some good initiatives to overcome the weaknesses developed at the start of the academic year. We need to give extra time to study. For this to happen, we need to spare some time after school timing to discuss different topics the students have missed before.

Moreover, the students need to spare more time at home to bridge the gap created in the past. We also need to check for the periodic performance of the students by conducting weekly or fortnightly tests. The students who are good at studies should also provide some attention to the students who are weak in studies. We can create groups of students in the class. The group leader of the group will be a good student in the class and he or she will guide his group members throughout the term.

We have discussed earlier that low attendance issue and low grades issue are interrelated to each other. So by solving the problem of low attendance, we can solve the problem of low grades. In order to make children attend school regularly, I will try my best to engage them in studies of class in an interesting way. We cannot change the rules and regulations of the school for such kind of students, but we can try to change the environment of the class in such a way which is interesting and is able to engage students.

In order to make the environment of the class interesting for students, we can take many steps. For example, we can arrange some interesting and entertaining events in class on a daily basis which no student wants to miss. Moreover, similar steps may be taken to encourage students to attend school regularly. At the end of this admission letter, we can conclude that there is a need to identify the reasons for the low grades, and increasing absence of students from class. These problems have too bad consequence for students, teacher, and school. After analyzing the real reasons behind these issues, we will be able to take decisions and initiatives to remove these issues before it’s too late to mend.

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