Earning through Demand Media

How can one earn through Demand Media?

“At Demand Media, we’re changing the way online content is created, consumed, and shared. We’re touching the lives of millions in the process. Every day we work hard to evolve our business, explore new opportunities, and collaborate to solve problems. We’re energized by what we do and it shows.” These lines have been taken from the website of Demand Media. These lines are self-explanatory about the mission and vision of Demand Media. In this blog post, we will discuss the question, how can one earn through Demand Media?

Demand Media, Inc. is an American content and social media company based in New York City. Demand Media operates famous online brands such as eHow and Cracked and is known for creating online content through its Demand Media Studios division. This division is based on a combination of measured consumer demand and predicted the return on investment. Demand Media is a huge network of websites that provide valuable content to millions of internet users. Most of the Demand Media managed content websites are top ranked on search engines.

Richard Rosenblatt and Shawn Colo founded Demand Media in 2006. The business model of Demand Media websites is simple. They provide freelance writers and freelance artists with different topics that are high in demand on the internet. Moreover, they also operate different art and design marketplaces where artists and designers can sell their original work. Demand Media is a world famous platform where people can earn money through their freelance work.

Famous websites of Demand Media are listed below:
• SaatchiArt.com
• eHow.com
• Cracked.com
• LiveStrong.com
• D360.com
• Society6.com
• StudioD.com

Although earning through demand media marketplaces is not easy, but people with the right skills are making lots of money. In this blog post, we have discussed the basics about freelancing with websites of Demand Media. If you need more information about starting freelancing with Demand Media platforms, please visit the website of Demand Media. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading this blog post! See you soon!

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