The Dark Side of Academic Writing

What is the dark side of academic writing (paid)!

Academic writing refers to the writing done by students of the schools, colleges and universities. It is a general convention in the modern educational institutions to assign different writing tasks to the students. Assigning writing tasks to the students aims at developing writing, research and analytical skills in the students. These writing tasks generally have some percentage of total marks of a subject. In universities, 10% to 20% marks go to writing assignments, research reports, and/or semester projects.

This article aims at addressing the dark side of academic writing. Some students enjoy and cherish working on assignments assigned by the teacher. Not all students like to complete their assignments. On the other hand, some of the students could not complete an assignment in time. This happens due to various. For example, an assignment was meant to be solved by an individual student and that student has no idea how to complete it. Similarly, an assignment can be so long and maybe a student is not able to complete it in time.

The excuses mentioned in the above paragraph are often faced by students. These reasons tempt students to take the help of others in solving a particular assignment. Some students take the help of a senior student, a family member, or a teacher and complete the assignment. This is not a bad thing, and one can take the help of someone if one feels stuck. But, there is a totally wrong way of completing assignments. I am talking about the people who have their assignments solved by an individual or a writing firm and pay them money for doing it for them.

There is no denying the fact that this method of getting assignments solved is totally wrong. This is due to the reason that the student does not even try to solve the assignment. As a matter of fact, at the start, an assignment may seem to be “impossible” or hard to complete. But that does not mean you outsource it. A teacher never assigns an assignment that is ‘impossible’. Outsourcing your assignments will affect you badly. By doing so, you will not be able to develop writing, research and analytical skills, which is one of the main objectives of academic studies.

There are thousands of firms and companies in the world that provide custom academic papers to students. These firms employ hundreds of thousands of writers from around the world who complete the assignment, reports, thesis, etc. for students. The students from English speaking countries are on the top when it comes to the outsourcing assignment and other academic papers. The people who write academic papers for others should understand that it is an unethical practice. Please stop doing this!

At the end, we can conclude that getting assignments solved from others is a dual waste of money. Firstly, you waste the fees paid for school, college and university because you do not learn important lessons from your studies. Secondly, you wasted the money you pay to get your academic papers solved. So everyone should stop doing this. If you need help, ask your teacher, or a senior student. If you are an academic writer, shift to other writing careers. For more information on the dark side of academic writing, please visit the following link.

Academic Dishonesty – Wikipedia Article

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